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Thursday, 06 April 2017 15:25

Paul Hemsley---Randall Bruce




It was a fantastic day to get out on the water for the Club’s annual trip to Lake Havasu.  The sun was bright and the wind cooperated, which provided a great weekend of fishing.   We fished 2 days with each day being its own tournament.  Day 1 concluded with Paul Helmsley and Randall Bruce bringing in a hefty bag of Large and Smallmouth Bass.  They took 1st place with 16.62.  Dominic Amato and his co-angler Matt Durham finished in 2nd place with 12.98.  Day 2 was also a sweet day to be on the water.  Paul Helmsley and Randall Bruce completed the sweep by taking home 1st place with a 15.23lb bag.


Dominic Amato---Matt Durham



Don Hill---Corey Williamson


Toby Robinson---Jim Hulett


Paul Hemsley with big fish for Sunday


Overall results posted below:

Day 1:

Paul Hemsley---Randall Bruce5 Fish16.62Big Fish3.89

Dominic Amato---Matt Durham5 Fish12.98

Toby Robinson---Jim Hulett5 Fish12.76

Don Hill---Corey Williamson5 Fish11.81

Jesse Ortega---Vince Zamora3 Fish5.12

Danny Partida---Jake Krause3 Fish4.22

Jamey Walls---Jacob Thompson1 Fish2.96

Day 2:

Paul Hemsley---Randall Bruce5 Fish15.23Big Fish 4.88

Toby Robinson---Jim Hulett5 Fish14.40

Don Hill---Corey Williamson5 Fish11.65

Jamey Walls---Jake Thompson3 Fish4.61

Danny Partida---Jake Krause0 Fish


Danny Partida---Jake Krause



Paul Hemsley---Randall Bruce5 Fish16.62Big Fish3.89



Don Hill


Randall Bruce  Swim Bait during prefish Friday



Toby Robinson with a 7lber during prefish


Randall Sunday mourning



Don Hill---Corey Williamson5 Fish11.81


Don Hill


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